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Identification & Documents Required

Privacy Act 1988 - Collection Notice

The personal information the prospective tenant provides in this application or collected from other sources is necessary for the agent to verify the Applicant's identity, to process and evaluate the application and to manage the tenancy. Personal information collected about the applicant in this application and during the course of the tenancy, if the application is successful, may be disclosed for the purpose for which it was collected to other parties including landlords and their advisers, referees, other agents and third party operators of tenancy references databases may also be disclosed to the agent and/or landlord.
If the applicant enters into a Residential Tenancy Agreement, and if the applicant fails to comply with their obligations under that Agreement, that fact and other relevant personal information collected about the Applicant during the course of tenancy may also be disclosed to the landlord, third party operators of tenancy reference databases and/or other agents. If the Applicant would like to access the personal information the Agent holds, they can do so by contacting us. The Applicant can also correct this information if it is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date. If the information is not provided, the Agent may not be able to process the application and manage the tenancy.

Holding Deposit

The applicant has paid a HOLDING DEPOSIT of ONE WEEKS RENT. Should the landlord not accept this application, the holding deposit will be refunded to the applicant in full. Once the owner accepts the application, the deposit will be paid towards the first week's rent. If the applicant decides not to proceed with the tenancy of the property after the applicant has been approved, the landlord will forfeit the full amount of the deposit e equal to the amount of rent which would have been paid during the period that the premise was reserved for the applicant. The applicant shall receive the remaining money held. If the property is destroyed or becomes otherwise uninhabitable or substance altered since the date of payment of the holding deposit, the money will be fully refunded to the applicant.

Upon submitting this application, please understand the following conditions:

I have inspected the premsies and wish to take up tenancy at $

per week. I declare that I can afford the rent and will pay the INITIAL PAYMENT by CASH, which includes 4 weeks BOND, and 2 weeks RENT in advance. I declare that I am not a bankrupt or undischarged bankrupt, and declare that all the above details are correct in every way.

I Authorise the Landlords Agent; to check with my previous or current employer, my previous or current Landlord/Agent, and the references named as to my suitability as a tenant; and to request & receive any tenancy records/information from other real estate agents regarding my previous tenancies, and to report any details of my tenancy to any tenancy recording service as deemed necessary, including breaches of the tenancy agreement. I declare that the above information is true and correct and has been willingly supplied to assist in the assessment of my application.


Fast Connect

First National Waters & Carpenter have a duty of care to ensure that the utility services at this property are connected /transferred into your name before you move into your property. As such Fast Connect will organise these connections as a free service and without contract. Upon application, Fast Connect will electronically lodge your request and ensure that your utility provider has all the relevant details to connect your utilities on the requested date,

NSW Energy Supply Arrangement Disclosure Both Fast Connect and your agent MAY receive a fee for a successful connection. PLAN: AGL Select Zero Electricity and/or Dual Fuel Plan with NO FIXED TERM OR TERMINATION FEES. Retailer: AGL contact number: 131245, Marketer: Fast Connect contact number: 1300 661464 Tariff Rates are specified via a link emailed to you upon receipt of your connection request(s). Full Plan Details (incl cooling off and your rights under consumer law) will be sent in your Welcome Pack by email unless you advise otherwise. AGL can vary rates, tariff structure, charges, bill frequency and terms of this plan any time by writing to you. Some payment methods incur a 0.6% processing fee. 14 Day Cooling Off Period commences upon receipt of your welcome pack. You can cancel this plan during the cooling off period by using the cooling off notice provided, calling or writing to AGL.

Your Personal Information and contact details are used by AGL compliant with the Privacy Act and AGL Privacy Policy. You permit AGL to contact you about AGL offers and products. You can contact AGL if you would like to change these preferences. AGL Dispute Resolution Policy outlines your rights to make a complaint to AGL or the Energy Ombudsman and is detailed in your Welcome Pack and on the AGL Website. An Energy Price Fact Sheet outlining this plan is available on the AGL website or on request. Customer Explicit Informed Consent: I understand and agree that AGL may vary the market energy rates which are used to calculate my charges from time to time, and can vary my tariff structure, charges, billing frequency, and the terms of my energy plan at any time by advising me in writing? I understand & agree to the terms and conditions of this offer and that if AGL is not my current retailer this agreement constitutes my consent to transfer my fuel/s to AGL?

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